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The first season of The Way We Play is centered around gamers and Why We Play.

This is the list of potential topics I will be covering and the kind of stories I hope to tell. If you feel that any of them would be a good fit, please scroll down to the bottom of this page where I have ways to contact me.

  • Story: Is there a particular game whose story or narrative has had an impact on your life? That you particularly love or resonate with? The story is one of the main reasons cited for the reason we play games. I am looking for personal stories that have had a direct effect or relation to your life.
  • Escape: Many people use video games as a way to escape from a boring, or even miserable life. Do you have a story of a time when a game helped you through a particularly troubling time in your life?
  • Competition: Do you like the thrill of person-on-person competition? First person shooters, fighting games, MOBAs, anything in the competitive gaming world. What draws you to this type of play?
  • Fear: Do you like games that scare that crap out of you? Are you a horror aficionado? I’d love to talk about what about games you find scary/thrilling, and why you are drawn to them.
  • Social Interaction: Do you play games to be around other people? Maybe friends/family that you don’t get to see in person as often? Or have you developed long-lasting friendships facilitated by games?
  • Nostalgia/Memories: Do you have a game that you continue to revisit year after year? That holds sentimental value for you? Is there a game that ties into a specific memory in your life, that you look back on fondly?
  • Music: What are some particular tracks/games that have moved you with their music? Especially looking for any games or songs that are tied to personal memories or life events.
  • World/Setting: What are one of your favorite video game worlds and settings, and why?
  • Building/Creating: Do you express yourself creatively through games? Do you like to build, create, and share? MineCraft, LittleBigPlanet, and Mario Maker come to mind, but if you have examples beyond that I’d love to hear them.
  • Role-playing: Do you really get into role playing as other people in games? Do you like to explore personalities/experiences that are very different from your own, and do you ever incorporate that into your own life?
  • Learning: Have you learned any lessons from the games you’ve played? This could be an educational game, or simply one that managed to teach you something about life.
  • Pain Management: Have you ever used games as a way to manage chronic pain or illness? How did it help you cope?
  • Challenge: Do you play games for the feeling of achievement you get from beating a challenge? Especially interested in people who play games with self-imposed restrictions to ramp up difficulty, like Pokemon Nuzlocke runs, turning off minimaps, speed running games, and more.

Keep in mind, I want these to be stories that people can relate to. Everybody has interesting and unique stories to tell and experiences to share. These do not have to be incredibly dramatic stories. If you can think of any moment in your life that would fit one of these, or even if you think you have an interesting experience that doesn’t fit into these, please get in touch!

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